Winter Operations Update for February 9, 2 p.m.

As of 2 p.m., 9 inches of snow has fallen. Public Works crews and contractors remain in neighborhoods and on the main roadways removing snow from arterial and neighborhood streets. Currently all 26 of the city’s large plow trucks are in service, along with 12 pick-up trucks and 32 contractors. Snow is expected to continue well into the overnight hours.

In preparation for the evening rush hour, between 3 and 3:30 p.m. today crews will begin gang plowing on all arterial roadways, which includes the major streets the city is responsible for, such as 95th Street, Washington Street, 87th Street and West Street, for example. This process involves two to four plows, depending on the size of the road, moving down the street simultaneously to remove snow from curb to curb.

Because snow continues to fall, residents should expect roads to remain snow covered and slushy into the evening rush hour and beyond. The continuous snowfall makes it so that even if a plow has come down a street, the road will be snow covered shortly thereafter.

Once arterial roads have received another treatment in preparation for rush hour, crews will move back into neighborhoods to continue working on those roadways. Work also continues on the cul-de-sacs, with additional rounds of snow removal being necessary as the storm continues. Please use extreme caution if you must travel.

Please continue to exercise caution while shoveling, shovel a three-foot perimeter from around fire hydrants, and remove parked cars from the street to give plows more room to work. Plows do their best to avoid pushing snow onto the ends of driveways; their primary goal is to remove snow from the roadway to allow for safe travel. We continue to encourage residents to look out for their neighbors and assist them with shoveling if needed.