Winter Ops Update 12/29/15 09:13 AM

· Current Conditions:

Current temperature is 27 degrees. Snowfall stopped at 2 AM with a total accumulation of 3”.

· Operations Currently Underway:

With the snowfall over, curb-to-curb clearing has begun. City drivers are finishing up the Arterials roadways and Priority 1 streets in time for the morning commute and will then proceed to clear the Priority 2 streets. Contractors started to plow the cul-de-sacs at 2 AM. Expect most courts to be cleared around midday.

· Road Conditions:

Winter driving precautions should be exercised.

· Other Comments:

No more snowfall is expected.

· Potential Duration:

Crews will work till the snow is cleared.

Visit the City’s interactive snow map to see the status of your street.