Winter Ops Update 2/2/2015 3:20 a.m.

NOTE: Garbage and recycling service for 2/2/2015 has been cancelled.

Current Conditions:

A hazardous weather outlook is in effect. Light snow is falling with 16 mph winds from the north. Temperature feel like -1 degree.

Operations Currently Underway:

Drivers are continuing to revisit all streets and cul-de-sacs to clear roadways. Heavy snowfall has made for slow-progress especially in the cul-de-sacs. The pickup trucks used for most cul-de-sacs have a difficult time pushing higher snow amounts and it can be difficult to find places to push the snow.

Road Conditions:

Continuous snow fall which started the evening of Saturday January 31, along with blizzard conditions is creating blowing and drifting snow. These conditions create an appearance that roadways are not being plowed however several passes are being made through each street. An abundance of vehicles parked on the streets is also hindering progress. Please do not park on the streets; parked vehicles slow down the plowing process.

Potential Duration:

Public Works Crews will work until this snow event has ceased & all roads are safe to drive upon.

Visit the City’s interactive snow map to see the status of your street.