Winter Ops Update 2/1/2015 2:30 PM

· Current Conditions:

Current temperature is 26 degrees. We’ve already received about 9” of snow. Another 3-5” is expected this afternoon and an additional 1-3” this evening. A total of 10-16” total is expected by the end of the event at about 3:00 am Monday morning.

A blizzard warning is in effect until 12:00am 02/02/15. This afternoon the snow will become lighter and the winds will increase leading to white-out blizzard conditions and drifting snow.

Please be patient. The long duration of this event coupled with heavy snowfall rates and severe drifting means roads will often be snow-covered for long periods of time.

· Operations Currently Underway:

Drivers are continuously plowing all City streets. Cul-de-sac plowing began at 5:00 am, most cul-de-sacs will get two rounds of plowing today and then another round overnight.

· Road Conditions:

Roads are slick and snow covered; please drive with extreme caution. Drive only when necessary; Staying off the roads makes it easier for crews to clear the streets.

· Other Comments:

Heavy snow and winds are causing some broken tree branches. Until this snow event is over, the City will only deal with broken branches that are hazardous to traffic and pedestrians.

· Potential Duration:

Public Works Crews are working around the clock in 12-hour shifts and will continue to do so until the snow event has ceased & all roads are safe.

Visit the City’s interactive snow map to see the status of your street.