Winter Ops Update 1/8/2015 2 p.m.

Current Conditions:

Current temperature is 5 degrees. Snow has started falling and is expected to last until 9-10 PM. A total of 1” – 2” inches is expected. Winds are strong so visibility may be low at times and drifting, blowing snow will be an issue.

Operations Currently Underway:

Twenty-two drivers are salting arterial, priority 1, and priority 2 roadways. The arterials will be hit again before rush hour. Salting and plowing will continue throughout the day.

Road Conditions:

Winter driving precautions should be exercised as current temperatures will make salt less effective.

Other Comments:

Snow expected to stop falling by 9-10 PM.

Potential Duration:

Crews will work till the snow is cleared and will monitor roadways for drifting throughout the night.

This post is for informational purposes only. Please do not post questions or requests in the comment section.

Visit the City’s interactive snow map to see the status of your street.